We all need to start somewhere...

Hudson River CrossFit came from humble beginnings. We started by offering free workouts out of Columbus Park with a used set of kettlebells. We grew by word of mouth and by late 2013 we opened up our brick and mortar location at 701 Clinton St. Our mission is to improve lives through quality fitness coaching and exceptional customer service; CrossFit is simply the best training method we've found to carry out our mission. If science proved that headstands led to faster improvements in performance, health, and happiness, we would quickly rebrand to the Hudson River Headstand Gym. In short, we're here to help you reach your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.

What makes a CrossFit gym great are the members and its coaches. HRCF is top notch in both areas. The staff has built a great community and the coaching never falls short. Everyone who works at HRCF is great. I have been there from Day 1 and they continue to improve the culture, programming and overall experience each day.
What makes CrossFit great in general is that it keeps it interesting. With CrossFit, and especially HRCF, I look forward to my workouts now. Always something new and different each day. Always challenging, and most importantly, just a great environment to workout in.
If you are looking to make a new and healthy lifestyle change, then CrossFit is definitely the program and Hudson River CrossFit is definitely your place.
— Joe G.
I have been with HRCF since it opened in September 2013 and it has been the best decision ever. I was doing the obvious Planet Fitness membership and occasionally going to Zumba or yoga, but when I was at the gym I had no idea what I should be doing.
The coaches are friendly, experienced, and there’s even a physical therapist on board! Two years ago I never thought that my weekly workouts would entail squats, cleans, presses, etc. but the results of lifting are AMAZING. Tie that in with the high intensity interval training and you will be in the best shape of your life.
I know it sounds difficult and a lot of people think you have to already be in shape or they’ve heard “horror” stories about Crossfit in general. The best thing about HRCF is they take you as you are and work with you from there.
— Alyson Fitzpatrick


You only have a limited amount of willpower so our expert coaches will take care of the workout programming for you. They'll also be there to guide you through each class. If that's not enough, our strong community cheer you on every step of the way. Your fitness routine shouldn't feel like a chore.
Instead of digging through hundreds of books, blogs and research, and wasting time on fitness tactics by so called "experts", let us take care of all the thinking for you. So come on in and try it out (it's free).