Fundamentals Program

(9 Semi-Private Training Sessions; Required prior to entering group classes)

$270 - One time fee paid upfront

Class Tuition (1 year commitment; begins after Fundamentals Program)

Unlimited Membership
Unlimited classes per month
$229 per month

Drop-In Rate (Must have CrossFit experience)
$30 - Please contact us prior to dropping in so we can reserve your spot in class.


*Please let us know if you're active military, or first responders for a 20% discount



Why do we have different membership options?

We started out, more or less, as a group training studio. This worked well for a while, but eventually we grew a little too big for our own liking. The movements we do—deadlifts, clean and jerks, snatches, pull-ups, handstands—are physically demanding and technically challenging and best taught in a semi-private environment.

We realized we were doing a huge disservice to our membership by not setting up newbies for success inside and outside of the gym.  That being said, group classes make memberships more affordable for you, and they’re social and fun and community-driven; friendships are inevitably formed when you suffer and sweat together.

For a while, we didn’t even offer a fundamentals program. But in time, more and more people started to contact their coaches to do refresher sessions and work on specific movements.

Instinctively, our coaches started booking refresher sessions with clients to reconnect with them on a personal level, to assess where their students were at physically, to work on some sticky movement areas, and most importantly, to help them bust out of any fitness plateaus.

Ultimately, we believe the strength of our system is that every single student has a coach for life. And no matter what level you’re at, a strong foundation of training is valuable.